Buddhist Visa Thailand / Merit Visa Thailand

Thai Buddhist Visa or Merit Visa Thailand is a newly created option Thailand did not offer previously. This option targets people like to stay within the Kingdom of Thailand for a period of 15 Months but are not willed to go for options just as opening a company or searching themselves a job for the sake of getting a work permit.

It is made for people who love to learn more about Thai Culture and especially Buddhism in Thailand. You can stay over a year in Thailand and enjoy learning Thai Traditions, religion, casual language at your own pace without being forced to join an event or meet with a test.

This is an alternative long term visa that not many people talking about it online, more like a option nobody want to share a secret. However, It’s important to say that this type of visa is far less complicated to acquire compared to other long term visas options and is a far cheaper solution compared to opening a company or obtaining a Educational visa at a university for a few years and therefore this merit visa have been increasing in popularity since 2019. We offer this visa for many of our customers and they’re all loving it.

The progress is quite easy and especially fast, and can be done from within the kingdom.

Do I have to be a monk for applying this visa?

No! of course not. Even we call it Thai Buddhist Visa it didn’t mean you have to convert to Buddhist or be a monk to stay in Thailand with a merit visa. All you need is a heart to learn about Buddhist tradition in Thailand and our services to prepare and submit your application.

Why I have never heard someone talking about this visa before? Is it real?

You may have never heard of this type of visa before from other agencies or any website but we can promise you it’s real and it works wonderfully for people who have many restricted conditions. Please contact us for more detail. Our wish is to make you able to live here in Thailand without a hassle.

What service do we provide if you decide this is a visa for you:

1.)  Preparing and Submitting all of the Documents needed

2.) Finding a temple in your area is willed to bring you closer to Buddhism, its ceremonies and traditions (you will not be forced to learn or join religion ceremonies, its optional how much you want to learn and how often you go to the temple.)

3.) Acquiring the visa for/with you at the responsible immigration office

The holder of the so called Merit Visa is eligible to stay within the kingdom for 15 months, and can renew this visa for additional 15 months for as long as they want to!

This is, at the moment, the easiest way to stay within the kingdom of Thailand, since it does not need a complicated approval process nor is there are a need to do time intensive things like attending at University for the sake of studying, or running a company and pay taxes etc.

The whole process to obtain this visa just takes 1 week, and it does not matter what your previous visa is (Visa on arrival stamp, Tourist visa or any other visa).