Thailand Business Visa (work permit included)

The official name of Thai business visa is Non-Immigrant B visa. This type of visa is needed if you’re coming to Thailand for work, conduct business or investment reasons. It doesn’t matter if you’re a business owner or an employee. As the name implies, business visa for Bangkok must come with a work permit allowing you to generate income in Thailand legally.

Thai business visas can be issued as a single entry or as multiple entry visas. Most people who apply for a Thailand business visa would choose multiple entry visa which will give you a permitted time stay up to 1 year while single entry only allow you to stay in Thailand only up to 90 days.

You are expected to report your status, or to leave and return to Thailand within every 90 days if you obtain a multiple entry visa or it’ll be void. If you are on a single entry visa, the moment you leave Thailand your visa will be void and need to apply again.

Please remind that Non-B visas, just like every other Non-Immigrant visas, you need to renew your visa every year and must do the 90-day report (TM.47) to Immigration office if you stay over 90 days.

Noted: This work visa cannot apply inside Kingdom of Thailand. If you’re staying in Thailand right now, we’re advise you to go Laos to apply for Thailand Business Visa. There’s a exception however if you are already a holder of a Thai visa such as Tourist, Education or Retirement Visa, you can change or upgrade your visa to Business visa inside The country without having to leave Thailand but this will cost you an extra fee and only if the company that hire you is big enough and pay a certain amount of taxes.

Why should you use our services to obtain a Business Visa?

Obtaining a Thai Non-Immigrant business visa is very difficult and time-consuming.

There are plenty of papers needed to prepare beforehand especially if you happen to be a business owner or plan to invest in Thai business. Everything has to follow the rules of Thai Immigration Bureau and/or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It is still involve a lot of document too even you’re a employee. Fortunately, most companies would have a legal or HR department and apply the work permit and Non-B visa for you.

Lately, the government has been very strict in enforcing rules and regulations for those who holding this type of visa so be mindful and vigilant about complying with the rules of Thailand if you want to live here with peace and face no unnecessary troubles.

Last but not least, we are not here to only provide you a smooth way to obtain your Non-b visa and work permit but we are also able to help you start a business or company here. You can contact us anytime for more information or if you have any question.

How many types of Thai Business Visas?

There’re more than one type of Business Visas since Thailand government trying to provide visas to meet the needs and conditions of any individual person who wish to invest or work in Thailand.

At the current moment, there’re 4 categories of Thailand Business visas.

  1. Non-Immigrant Visa Category “B”  (Business Visa) aka normal Thai Business Visa
  2. Non-Immigrant Visa Category “B” (Teaching) for a forenigner who come to be a teacher
  3. Non-Immigrant Visa category “B-A” (Business Approved Visa) for qualified foreigners who are under the jurisdiction of the Office of the Immigration Bureau in Bangkok.
  4. Non-Immigrant Visa Category “IB” (Investment and Business Visa) for people who invest through Board of Investment (BOI).

How long you can stay in Thailand with a business visa?

You can apply for a single entry business visa which will grant you 90-day visa or you can apply for a multiple entry business visa that will allow you to stay up to 1-year in Thailand.

This non-b visa can be renewable every year as long as you meet the requirements.

Noted : If you plan to leave Thailand while holding a Non-Immigrant Visa category “B” or Non-B visa, please do not forget to apply for Re-entry Permit first to secure your business visa.

Can my family live with me in Thailand with my Non-b visa?

You family members i.e., wife/husband, parents or unmarried children who is under 20 years old are able to apply for a Non-Immigrant Visa (category “O”) following you who working in Thailand but can only stay for 1 year maximum. For more than 1 year staying, they have to obtain other Non-Immigrant visas which we can help.

Are a business visa and a work permit the same thing?

It is not the same. Non-b visa or work visa is a type of long term staying thai visas while work permit is a permission that allow you to work legally in Thailand.

However, in order to get a business visa you need to obtain work visa first so it comes together.

How to apply for a business visa?

To be able to apply for a Non-B visa you must have secured an job offer, investment or official invitation to conduct a business in Thailand with an ability to give required documents as a proof.

Thai business visa applications shall take place at a Royal Thai Embassy or Royal Consulate within your country of residency or outside Thailand at first time. That means if you never obtained Non-B visa before, you cannot apply for a Thai business visa inside Thailand. The reason is because the WP.3 letter can only be obtained from Ministry of Labour outside of the kingdom.

Except for the two scenarios, If you apply for a non-immigrant IB visa, the visa application may be submitted directly by a Thai companies that you intend to invest in. The second exception is if you are the holder of other types of Thai visas who secured a job with a big company that pay a certain amount of taxes, you can change or upgrade your visa to Business visa inside the country without having to leave Thailand but this will cost you an extra fee.

What documents are required for obtaining a Non-Immigrant B visa?

We will not lie to you, this is a lot of paperwork and it’s complicated to prepare them all by yourself. But the biggest problem is Thai Immigration constantly changing rules time to time and it’s hard or impossible to find the right or up to date information online.

However, normally the list of documents below should be enough.

Private documents:

  1. A passport with a validity of at least 6 months from the date of arrival.
  2. A letter from a Thai company which state your position, salary and employment duration. Or a sponsorship documents from a Thai company, trading partner or business that you wish to invest in. Or a proof of your financial status if you’re being self-employed.
  3. A filled out business visa application form.
  4. 2 photos (Passport-sized, 4 x 6 CM)
  5. Ministry of Labour’s letter of approval, to get this your employer/company in Thailand needs to submit WP3 form at the Office of Foreign Workers Administration, Department of Employment, Ministry of Labour
  6. Copy of Work Permit issued by the Ministry of Labour and alien income tax or ปงด.91 document if you previously worked in Thailand.
  7. Evidence of adequate finance: 20,000 THB per person and 40,000 THB per family.
  8. Application Fee: 2,000 THB for 3-month single entry visa and 5,000 THB for 1-year multiple entry visa

Corporate documents:

The officer may ask you to supply this documents to support your application.

  1. Business registration and business license
  2. Company profile
  3. Map showing location of the company
  4. Details of business operation
  5. List of shareholders
  6. Balance sheets, statement of Income Tax and Business Tax for the the latest year

(Por Ngor Dor 50 and Por Ngor Dor 30)

  • Value-added tax registration (Por Por 20)