Coolest Places to Party in Bali To Get Rid of The Pandemic Blues!

Have you been struggling with the lockdown restrictions and mandatory stay-at-home orders due to the coronavirus pandemic?

Well, now you can banish the stress caused by the pandemic by traveling to one of the most popular tourist destinations anywhere in the world, Bali!

Thailand is one of the first and most confident countries in the world to open its tourism sector. Tourists from Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, India, and the United States are all targeting Thailand as the first country they’ll visit as soon as their countries’ borders reopen.  Foreign travelers can now visit the exotic city of Bali as long as they comply with the visitor requirements imposed by the Kingdom of Thailand.

If you are looking for the ultimate destination to wash away the pandemic blues and soak up the luxury as you get pampered, Bali offers everything from luxurious spas, pool parties, stunning beach clubs, rooftop bars, and a bustling nightlife for a vacation like no other.

Here are our top picks for the coolest places in Bali to shake away the stress and anxiety caused by the pandemic:

The jungle paradise of Ubud

Most people think of Bali as an endless stretch of gorgeous beaches. On the contrary, Bali has much more to offer, such as the jungle paradise of Ubud. A tranquil town located on the island of Bali, Ubud is filled with adventurous experiences, tree-top cafes, wellness centers, and yoga studios. It’s the ultimate destination with luxurious environments where you can kick back and de-stress.

Potato Head Bali

If you’re in the mood to party instead of relaxing and lapping up the luxuries of Bali, Potato Beach Club is the go-to place for party lovers. The swanky beach-facing resort offers stylish sunbeds, sea-facing infinity pools, and a big lawn where you can sip on some delicious cocktails and groove to live DJ music!

Mirror Bali Lounge & Club

The Mirror Bali Lounge & Club is one of the most stylish and premium clubs in Seminyak, a bustling beach resort area located at the southern end of Bali. The club has one of the most exciting and vivid ambiances with a cathedral-like interior, stained glass windows, towering ceilings, and high-tech laser lights flashing all the time. The club is always hip and happening with exciting late-night parties, live DJs pumping out groovy music, and unique and delightful beverages.

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