Getting Your Thai Girlfriend to Visit You in the UK

Thailand is a beautiful country with amazing culture and a luxurious lifestyle. It’s quite common for people all over the world, especially visiting Brits, to fall in love with the country as well as the gorgeous girls in Thailand. Many UK residents visit their Thai girlfriends several times a year by coming over to Thailand on a visit visa.

However, for many people, visiting a few times a year is not enough. Often, they have such a strong connection with their girlfriends that they want to bring them to the UK to live with them for the long term.

Luckily for them, there are several visa routes for UK residents to apply for a visa for their Thai girlfriends to come and live with them.

Possible Visa routes

There are two very simple and straightforward visa routes that you can choose from to get your Thai girlfriend to come to the UK:

Standard UK Tourist Visa

This is the easiest and fastest way of getting your girlfriend to come on a holiday to the UK and live with you for a short time. However, there is a time limit for this visa and she will have to return as soon as she has reached that limit. You’ll also have to prove your girlfriend’s circumstance to the UKVI (UK Immigration Department), including:

  • Can she support herself while living in the UK?
  • Will she return to her country once the UK visa has expired?
  • Does she have a suitable place to stay during her time in the UK?
  • Does she have the financial means to pay for the trip to the UK and her journey back to Thailand?

UK Fiancé Visa

The UK Fiancé visa is for couples whose relationship has become more serious, and they’re ready to make a commitment to each other. This type of visa should only be applied for if you plan on marrying your girlfriend within a few months of her arrival to the UK. The visa is only granted for a six-month period and does not allow your Thai girlfriend to work. The visa can be extended if you have reasonable grounds that are approved by the UK Visas and Immigration department. Once you’re married, you can apply for a spouse visa for your Thai wife to remain in the UK.

Professional Visa Assistance for all types of Thailand Visas

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