How To Plan The Perfect Proposal In Thailand

If you have the love of your life by your side and are thinking of taking your relationship to the next step, Thailand is the place to do it! With breath-taking beaches, exotic jungles, luxurious resorts, and tons of history, this county is a top choice for couple get-aways. 

When asking the BIG question, everything must be done right, from the ambiance, the food, the drinks, the pictures, and of course the ring!

What are some of the Best places To Propose in Thailand?

Thailand is a large country, with tons of breathtaking landscapes, bustling city life, and gorgeous beaches. These spots are some of the most popular proposal places: 

Koh Samui

The azure beach glittering under the golden sun, tourists laying back on their deck chairs, sipping on some fresh coconut juice. Koi Samui is the definition of paradise. You can plan your dream proposal at this very place. A popular site in Koh Samui is the Na Muang Waterfalls. Enveloped in magic, the waterfalls are nothing short of a worldwide wonder. You can pop the question, get some great pictures, and enjoy a romantic swim as well.


When it comes to Bangkok, this place is the prime city of love, relaxation, and making memories. We recommend choosing the massive Ferris wheel at Asiatique the Riverfront for your proposal. The sight is something words can’t describe. As soon as the sun begins to set, this gorgeous landmark will start to glitter and can be seen from all around the city. Take it up a notch and ask the question while riding the Ferris wheel for some thrill, or set up a small candlelight dinner right in front of it. 


If your partner enjoys nature and loves the outdoors, then the best proposal spots are in Phuket. Known for its famous gondola rides, you can plan a special dinner and pop the question. Don’t forget to take your photographer on board for some Insta-worthy pictures. 

Fun Ways to Pop the Question

  • Plan a private picnic by the beach and write the question in the sand.
  • Create a scavenger hunt in an island resort and let your ring be the last prize.
  • Book a cinema for a private film viewing and let the question show on the screen after the final credits.
  • If you’re into music, then write a song for her and sing your heart out in the middle of the jungle!

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