We offering Tour organizers, other Visa Agents have issues with their clients case, Lawyers and Hotels or simple private people a way to gain from referring Clients to us ! Resell our Visa Service and make money !

Every successfully confirmed order (client have to pay to call it a confirmed case) will gain whoever referring the client to us a commission, we pay as follows

1-5 Sales = 5% commission (from 900-3000+ THB or more)

5-9 Sales = 10% commission (from 2700 – 6000+ THB or more)

10+ Sales = 15% commission (from 2700 – 9000+ THB or more)

the ammount of comission depends alot on what service is ordered, a build up of a company and organizing of a work permit cost more than a simple retirment visa

The more sales got refereed to us the higher will be the % cut from each client, you will reach a higher commission class if you reach a number of clients you brought to us, the higher the total number the more commission we will pay NOTE, we will always save your sales, so if in the 2. or 3. year you reach your 10+ sales you will get the 15% commission lifetime for every sale you bring to us

If you are interested in work with us, feel free to contact us.