We Serve our Clients with dedication and ambition, we know many people maybe god bad experiences with the competition and we are aware that there are a lot of Visa Service providing Companies within Thailand are – to say it friendly – a bit questionable in how they manage cases, we had clients told us horror stories about getting charged and no service at all (just temporary visa solutions by bring them to the boarder and let them stamp and bring them back to Bangkok or Pattaya) to trying to charge more and more fees with vague arguments of that there would be complications.

a common practice of unfair working companies is also to extend the timeline of delivering the service more and more only to ask more money from the client. Visa Service Bangkok got funded by a German Expat especially due to this complications and because the market is flooded by such unfair acting companies .

Our Vision and our Standard is to treat every client fairly and professionally, with very good connections and years of experience we getting the job done fast and with competence and we never try to charge the maximum possible from our clients but always make fair prices, we believe in mouth to mouth advertising – only if we leave our clients happy they will not only come again but tell others about us, working like that works for us since years and we grew a large customer base use us Year after Year for their Retirement, Marriage or Business Visa’s

We operate under German management, be on time is one of our core values, especially if it comes to Visa’s time is essential, our price structure is far cheaper than the ones of some lawyers operate within Thailand, even we do have a in-house lawyer, he is only responsible for certain operations demand a lawyer such as opening companies or accounting jobs, this makes us affordable for everyone.

Information before a deal is set – we inform every incoming client professionally not to make the the most out of them but to inform them what visa suits his/her situation best, sometimes this means we probably not even make a sale since the best option is actually easy to manage by the client themselves – fairness is everything for us no matter how much we earn.