Property Visa, Investment Visa, Real Estate Visa Thailand

If you invest in Thailand by purchase Land, a Condo, or property of any kind worth an excess of 10 million THB you are eligible for a Long term visa last 1 year and is renewable each year, as long as you hold the property and stay the owner. Due to the value you bring into the kingdom you are always guaranteed a renewal of this Real Estate Visa for Thailand. Of course like any 1-year visa, the regular 90 day report to keep the Property Visa valid is a must

This visa has many name around the articles around internet such as Investment visa, condominium investment visa, Thailand property visa, Thai Real Estate visa and go on, you get the idea, and yes it’s the same thing. If you have a big money to spend and want an easy way to get a long term visa, an investor visa is a nice solution. You’ll get your property, and you’ll get your visa. You can renew your visa as long as you stay the owner of the property and if you don’t want to stay long term in Thailand anymore, you can sell the property and get your money back in your pocket.

Note that you can only buy a new building unit from real estate developer directly since second hand properties are not qualified for investment visa program. Payment must also be transferred directly from a foreign account, under your name, to the account of the Thai seller. The money is not allowed to come from within Thailand or send through intermediaries. But beware of the currency exchange rate as well, we recommend you to not let your bank cover the currency because the rate may make you a great loss.

Aside from purchasing real estate to apply for this type of visa, you can also put money into a fixed deposit account in a Thai bank, or purchase Thailand government bonds. You can combine many assets too, for example you can buy a 3 million THB condominium unit, a 2 million Thailand government bond and put 5 million in fixed deposit account.

And please keep in mind, This type of visa do not provide you a right to work or generate income legally in Thailand, that means you cannot invest in a property and turn it to a business such as hostel, or any kind of shop without obtain a work visa first.

Conditions / Requirements need to be fulfilled in order to successfully apply for an Investment Visa:

​You must previously have been a “Non-Immigrant visa” holder.

There has to be evidence of transferring funds exceed 10 million Baht into the kingdom.

You must deliver proof of purchase a condominium unit or house and there must be evidence issued by government office such has land registration ministry (house book copy) for the purchase or

You must have evidence of investing in the form of a fixed deposit minimum or more than 10 million Baht on a Thailand based Bank or

You are in need of having evidence for the purchase of government bonds of no less than 10 million Baht.

​How we will guide and help you getting your Investor visa?

1) If needed, we’ll help you find a real estate, and negotiate a fair price for you

2) Assist you with the notary process to realize purchase (it’s wise to take a lawyer just represent your rights without getting a cut from the realtor or the real estate owner)

3) Be your neutral Attorneys represents your rights and ensures everything is done in your interest

4) Help you with the needed complex approval process and to have valid proof on hand for your investment

​5) Submission of your visa request at the Immigration

6) If needed, we’ll cooperate with the BOI (Board of Investors) for you

7) Doing the entire paperwork include your 90 day reporting for you for 1 year (and longer if you wish)

​We do not just help you to obtain the visa but take care of our clients to always get a fair price and not end up in legal problems by purchase assets, we neither get commission cuts nor do we in any way work for our own interest – our only target is to get a deal done for our clients which is 100% in their interest

Our Fees vary depending on the total amount invested and the complexity of the property deal, we helped people purchase a simple condo for own use, investors purchased a number of condos for the sake of starting a rental business, as well as a few large scale investors purchased a hotels worth up to 12M USD – Our fees are commission based and can range from 0.75-2.0% of the purchase amount but will always end up at minimal 250.000 THB.

Please note that this type of Investment visa has high costs only within the first year, if you extend your Visa in the 2. year costs are drastically less because there is no work to be done if it comes to negotiation and paperwork of purchase the investment, a simple renewal can be as low as 30-40.000THB ones a year and this includes that we do your 90 day reporting for you.

​Please note an investment or investor visa will not permit you to earn a income and for example running a rental business or a hotel, you still will be in need to get a work permit and/or opening a company to run a operate a business operation

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