Thailand Retirement Visa

People who wish to spend their retirement in Thailand are growing unstoppable among retired foreigner worldwide. If you’re one of them, contact our Thai retirement visa agent today!

Thailand is a perfect country to spend your retirement. It’s a land rich of cultures, smiles and fun. Many of Thailand’s tourist places get called a paradise on earth with the warm weather and views of very stunning beautiful nature. Or if you’re bored of tropical climate at one point, the northern part of Thailand also provides you the different feeling, scenery, and air which more than worth looking for. 

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The cost of living on a Retirement Visa Thailand is also very affordable, you can enjoy cheap delicious food and beer all day without hurting your pocket. Thai girls also not mind a single retiring foreigner; you can meet many companions here in Thailand without having to worry about your age. 

Thai retirement visa official name is Non-Immigrant OA-Long stay visa or in official immigration jargon, Non-OA visa. It’s one of the most popular long term Thai visa that allow the visa holders staying in Thailand for 1 year.

Same as Marriage visa, retirement visa is an 1-year extension visa based on retirement which mean you have to renew the visa every year if you still wish to stay in Thailand. The catch is you have to be over 50 years of age who can demonstrate that you able to support yourself financially. 

Why should you using our service for applying your retirement visa?

Often than not, applying for a Thai retirement visa or Non-immigrant OA-Long stay can be a very headache task, mainly in trying to make sure that you have all the correct documents and follow the right process without making a mistake.

You can entrust us to support your application process with professional team. We won’t make mistake and we won’t let you disappointed or face unnecessary troubles that may appear if you apply the visa yourself. After all, this specific visa is what we doing the most and specialize in.

Our services include many things not just helping and guiding you through the process of applying the retirement visa. Do not afraid to contract us and ask questions. We can assure you that we are better than any other agencies out there who told you “No, it’s not possible” before.

Thai Retirement Visa is available for whom? 

Any foreigner who meet the following condition:

  1. At least 50 years old or above
  2. Have monthly pension of 65,000 thb or a saving of 800,000 thb in a Thai bank account. 
  3. Stay long term in Thailand and either own a place or rent a place inside Thailand. 

How long you can stay in Thailand with a retirement visa?

Retirement Visa allows you a 1-year permit to stay in Thailand. It’s renewable as long as the requirements are met.

We do offer regularly Retirement Visa Renewals service as well. After all, trying to renew your retirement visa can be troublesome as much as getting one after all.

Can I work if I obtain a retirement visa?

The answer is no, you cannot. People on a retirement visa are not allow to work or earing a income in Thailand. 

This type of visa cannot be used to apply for a work permit.

Do I have to do anything else to stay in Thailand after getting a retirement visa?

you need to do 90-Day reporting every 90 days you stay in Thailand. For more information, please visit our 90-Day reporting page.

For people who plan to stay longer than a year, if you plan to re-apply your retirement visa with 800,000 Thb saving in bank account, you need to leave the money there at least 3 months before re-applying.

Note: You’ll lose your visa and need to apply again if you exit Thailand without applying for a single re-entry permit or multiple re-entry permit first at your immigration, if you wish to regularly leave Thailand please inform us so we can arrange you getting the needed visa right away. 

What need to be prepared before apply for a retirement visa?

  1. Prepare for your financial requirement documents.

Well, if you have a pension or income of at least 65,000 Thai Bath, you have to obtain a letter from your embassy in Bangkok that confirm you do receive the money. 

Or if you don’t have a monthly pension and wish to use your saving as a financial security proof, You need to deposit 800,000 Thai Bath in a Thai bank account for 2 months prior applying the visa application. In case of renew your retirement visa, the money has to be at least 800,000 or over for 3 months before the renewal. 

  • Notify your address through TM 30 (new rule since 2019)

This can be done by your landlord if you rent a house or room. You can also do it by yourself or if you use our service we will it do for you. 

What documents are required for obtaining a retirement visa in Thailand?

  1. Your passport with at least 1-year validity left

      2.) Proof of meeting the financial conditions eg. A letter confirming your pension from your embassy or A letter confirming your funds from Thai bank

  • Copy of your bank book 
  • 1,900 Thai bath fee for submitting a retirement visa 
  • Your photo (same size with passport photo)

If you apply a retirement visa outside Thailand, you also need

  • Police Clearance
  • Medical Certificate

Can I withdraw the financial funds?

After the visa has been issued, you must not withdraw even a single Thai Bath from your account at least for 3 months. Then you allow to withdraw some of your funds but cannot let the account balance to drop below 400,000 Thai Bath. 

Please also remind that if you want to renew your retirement visa, your balance in the account should be or over 800,000 thb for a minimum of 3 months before the renewal. 

If you wish to find support in getting your retirement Visa, help with the for some pretty high 800k  THB security deposit we are happy to guide and support you