Thailand / Bangkok Accounting Service

On top of offering a helping hand creating your company in Thailand and getting you your Business Work Visa we are offering either in a combination package or separately to do accounting for you.

We cooperate with a few highly skilled accountants are not only great in the main book keeping task but are especially good in help to optimize structural things within companies to keep Taxes as low as legally possible.

What does our accounting service include?

  • Monthly Reports to the revenue department
  • Monthly Vat Tax Reports
  • Paying of social security for staff
  • Delivering Quarterly reports to keep track (for intern statistics and optimization)
  • End Year reports

What makes your service special?

As mentioned a both, nearby doing the standard accounting service we work with a team of accountants and 2 lawyers on optimize every company’s workflow with the target of reduce taxes from the very begin, our accountants are also good in negotiating final yearly reports.

Our experience shows us, compared to many others accounting companies we was able through our optimization and tax consulting service we are able to reduce taxes up to 70% ! in fact, we saved our clients many hundred million THB since 2008

Contact us if you think you pay too much taxes or if you are not satisfied with your actual accountant – give us a try and we promise you we wont disappoint you.

Our Accounting service cost the common standard fee, our tax optimization service is performance based and we optimize your workflow on own risk, meaning we only will get paid if we reduce your taxes for a mention able amount (normally we charge 1-2.5% of the taxes we are able to reduce, depends a lot on the overall income of your company and the planing and structuring need to be done to archive savings of 30, 50 or up to 70%)