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Even though it’s known as the Marriage Visa, it’s not truly a marriage visa as you’d imagine. There’s no official Wedding Visa in Thailand where you can stay as a Thai resident. The Marriage Visa or Spouse Visa, depends on how you like to call it, actually is a 1-year extension visa based on marriage, which means you have to renew it every year just like the retirement visa (Non-immigrant O-A) holders. For a reliable marriage visa service in Bangkok, get in touch with our highly qualified and expert wedding visa Thailand agents. We’ll be there to guide you through every step of the process.

More often than not, only foreigners who is under the age of 50 years old seeking for a marriage visa. The reason is because if you’re over the age of 50 years old, the retirement visa is easier and has less requirements to obtain, single or married. 

Do not mistake that legally marriage with Thai citizen in Thailand will automatically get you the Thai marriage visa just like that. You have to apply for the visa and to obtain a marriage visa you have to be able to provide financial evidence as the Thai Immigration. Many would should apply for retirement visa instead if they can.

Thai Marriage Visa has a official name as “Non-Immigrant O”, which code O mean others, so there are many other Non Immigrant O as well such as a guardian visa which share the similar requirements.  

To acquire this type of visa, not only you have to legally married to a Thai citizen, it’s also mean you have to meet financial and documentary requirements which many have problems getting them. We’re here to help if you are one of people who face the difficulties.

Why should you using our service for applying your marriage visa?

Sometimes applying for a Thai marriage visa proves to be a very dreadful job, especially when you trying to make sure the correct paperworks is done, all the required documents are there and exact procedures are followed. It would be better for you to enlist us to support the application process if you want to obtain Thai marriage visa without any hassle.

Our services include many things not just to help you completing all the required paperwork and processing your Thai Marriage Visa application at the Immigration Office. Example, we can help you obtaining your non-o visa or provide the finances to support your visa application.

How long you can stay in Thailand with a marriage visa?

Marriage visa allows you a 1-year permit to stay in Thailand. Then you can renew every year as long as you wish and meet the requirements.

Can I work if I obtain a Thai marriage visa?

Please note that by obtaining a Marriage Visa, it doesn’t mean you can work without getting a work permit first. If you want to work legally in Thailand, you need to apply for a work permit too. We can help you obtain both marriage visa and work permit. 

What else i need to do in order to stay in Thailand after getting a marriage visa?

In the eyes of Thai government, married with a Thai citizen and obtain a Marriage visa doesn’t mean you’re a Thai resident yet, so as other type of Non-immigrant visas, you need to do 90-Day reporting for every 90 days that you stay in Thailand. For more information, please visit our 90-Day reporting page.

If you want to work legally in Thailand, you need to apply for a work permit too.

For people who plan to stay longer than a year, if you plan to re-apply your marriage visa with 400,000 Thb saving in bank account (not with a proof of 40,000 income per month) you need to leave the money there at least 3 months before re-applying.

Note: You’ll lose your visa and need to apply again if you exist Thailand without applying for a single re-entry permit or multiple re-entry permit first. 

What to prepare before apply for a marriage visa?

First, marry a Thai citizen. You can both marry inside Thailand or outside Thailand, but we advise to marry in Thailand since you wouldn’t have to do the extra steps. 

Second, you need to obtain non-immigrant 90-day visa first, it can be done from Thai consulate in your home country. Or if you come to Thailand with Thailand tourist visa or VoA, you can travel to Thailand’s neighboring countries such as Laos, Cambodia etc. and applying for a 90-day non-immigrant visa there. 

Third, the most trouble requirement of all, to be qualified to apply for a marriage visa, you need to meet the financial condition which is 1.) 400,000 Thai Bath in Thai bank account under your name (can’t be joint account between you and your spouse). or 2.) a letter of confirmation from your associated Embassy that you have income of at least 40,000 Thai Bath per month.

If you plan to take option one, the 400,000 Thb need to be leave in the account before applying for a marriage visa at least 2 months. So after you get your non-immigrant visa, you should immediately open a Thai bank account and deposit the money inside.

What documents are required for obtaining a marriage visa?

The requirements vary from other Non-Immigrant Visa so carefully prepare the right documents for your Thai Marriage Visa application at Thai Immigration according to the list below.

1. Your passport. (should have at least 2 blank pages and be valid for 6 months or more)

2.  Copy of your Thai marriage certificate (both version) (Also an affirmation of Freedom to Marry from a Thai Embassy or Consulate from your homeland)

3. ID card of your spouse

4. Your spouse’s household registration

5. Your children’s birth certificates (if you have children with your Thai spouse)

6. Copy of location map of your residence (Can be drawn)

7. Proof that you stay together with your spouse (Copy of photos of you and your spouse, outside the house, inside the house, family picture etc.)

8. Proof that you are financially stable and can be dependent by either:

8.1 A book bank of Thai bank account having at least 400,000 THB, and been in the account at least 2 months before applying the visa.

or 8.2 having a monthly pension or income at least 40,000 THB per month with a proof.

or 8.3 Combination of the 8.1 and 8.2 with money cleared in a Thai bank and annual income totaling at least 400,000 THB

9. A update book bank in the day you applying for the visa

10. A letter from that bank of your bank account confirming the money in the account.

Could we still apply if we were married in another country? 

Of course, you can. However, for applying the first time it’s going to be extra complicated than normal. We will guide you a step by step. 

1.) You need to carry the real marriage certificate to the embassy in bangkok to get your marriage certificate stamped as a proof of being original and valid.  

2.) Then translate the stamped marriage certificate into Thai language.

3.) Take both original and translated marriage certificate to the Ministry of foreign affairs in Bangkok to get the translated version stamped and verified too.

4.) Then take translated and stamped versions to your local town hall/amphur office, they will register the marriage certificate on the Thai government system.  

5.) Now, you can use the marriage certificate for applying Thai Spouse Visa as people who marry in Thailand.

After obtained marriage visa, if I’m getting divorce is the visa still work?

In the case that the marriage is not going well and you choose to divorce your spouse, your marriage visa will become invalid. The immigration will expect you to leave Thailand and not stay with the invalid visa. We can help talking to the immigration and explaining your situations however, if you wish to stay until the visa expires.