Thailand minimum Income Visa Requirements

The kingdom of Thailand does have a minimal income required if it comes to granting a work permit and a Non Immigrant B-Visa.

If you wish to work within Thailand and obtain a Work Visa / Business Visa there is a minimal income required which have to get taxed (salary or cut from a business Operation as personal income)

This is a established condition in order to ensure the foreign citizen can support himself.

The income varies depending on the nationality of the foreign citizen and is by 2021 Feb.

1) Europe (except Russia) Canada, Japan, United States, Australia = 50,000 THB

2) Hong Kong, Malaysia, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan = 45.000 THB

3) China, India, Indonesia, Middle East, Russia, Philippines, South/Central America, Eastern European Nations = 35.000 THB

4) Africa, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam = 25.000 THB