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Thailand is wonderful country, right?  If you have been in Thailand a few years already Thailand is wonderful country, right?  If you have been in Thailand a few years already with your non-immigrant visas, falling in love with this country for its good and its bad, and now you’re realizing you want a permanent visa for Thailand to make it your permanent home without having to extend your visa every year or doing 90-day and TM-30 reports like you’re some kind of an outsider, you’re landing on a right page now.

Permanent Thai Residency is your answer. Permanent Resident (PR) will grant you a right to live permanently in Thailand without being treated like a normal foreigner.

Permanent Thai Residency – Is it for you?

Well, let’s do a check list.

  1. Do you want to live permanently in Thailand?
  2. Are you a non-immigrant visa holder for at least the last 3 years?
    (exclude: retirement, education and elite visas)
  3. Have at least 80,000 THB monthly income
  4. Or have at least 30,000 THB monthly income and are married to a Thai citizen more than 5 years.
  5. Or if you’re a business owner, filing tax returns for annual income of 100,000 THB or more for 2 continuous years.

Noted: If you not meeting any of 3,4,5 conditions, you can still apply for Thai Permanent Resident visa under the a.) Supporting family category aka married with a Thai citizen or a parent of a Thai citizen under 20 years old. b.) Expert / academic category c.) others category. But in reality, by apply for PR under these categories, it will required you to have consecutive work permit with minimum taxable income, which if you can meet those requirements you would have no problem meeting the simplest categories that based on income/work and take less paperwork.

Privilege of being a permanent resident

1.) Permanent stay without have to worry about experiment. That means in case you want to take a break between jobs, no sweat! *Permanent Thai residency can be revoked however, that rarely happen close to zero.

2.) No need to renew your visa every year. It’s permanent.

3.) Say bye to 90-day reporting and TM-30 reporting.

4.) Now you can buy property in Thailand without having to transfer money from abroad.

5.) Your non-Thai family members can apply for Non-O visa and permanent residency.

6.) Can own a company more than 50% and can be a director of a public company.

7.) Easier to obtain a work permit with less requirement and paperwork.

8.) You can be registered on Tabien Baan.

9.) Thai banks are more than willing to lend you money as the same they would lend to a Thai person.

10.) After being a Thai permanent resident for 5 years, you can apply for naturalization Thai citizenship programs.

Thai permanent residence VS Thai citizenship

Both of them is a solution for foreigners who wish to have Thailand as their last and permanent home. 

Thai permanent residence visa is already hard to obtain but to become a Thai citizen is even more so. What’s the difference between the two though? you might ask. Well, there is a significant number that distinguish Thai Permanent Residence from Thai citizenship, and many differences on benefits you will get. The most important is that being a Thai Permanent Resident is that you’ll remain a citizen of your nationality who just appear to have a permanent immigration status.

A Thai permanent residence visa provides certain benefits for living in Thailand but not as much as becoming a Thai citizen. For example, a Thai permanent resident cannot own an company more than 50% and have to apply for renewing work permit to maintain a right to work legally while a Thai citizen isn’t required to do so. That being said, most people would still choose to be a Thai permanent resident than a Thai citizen since by becoming a Thai citizen making you losing your benefits and rights from your current citizenship and nationality. Especially, if you come from first world country, trading your citizenship to Thai citizenship would be a great sacrifice (Except your country can hold dual nationality, of course).

Anyway, if you want a Thai citizenship still, in order to do so is you must holding a Thai Permanent Residency visa for 5 years or more before applying.

Required documents:

The list of documents needed for the application are vary depend on a case-by-case. However, the basic documents required to file for an application is as follow:

1. Original passport and copies of infomation page, Non-Immigrant Visa stamp page.

2. Original and a copy of your residence’s House Registration Book (Tabien Baan).

3. 12 passport sized photos ( 4 x 6 cm.)

Interview and tests for permanent residence

In order to obtain a permanent residence visa you need to pass a formal interview from an immigration officer at a Thai Immigration Office. They will interview you in Thai language about yourself, your background and the reason why you want to be a Thai permanent resident. It may sound scary but the interview is not that formal, the purpose of it is just to check your basic Thai language ability. Most interviews will take only 5-15 minutes.

How to apply for Thai residency with us?

We shall assist you in the preparation of all required documentation at least 1 to 4 months prior the date announced for the submission of applications, usually in October or December.

Once the date has been publicly announced, our team will submit all your documents and applications to the Royal Thai Immigration Office. You are expected to receive a reply by mid-May, and residence permits will be issued around December.

It is worth remembering that the grant for permanent residency in Thailand is constrained by an annual limit of not more than 100 persons per nationality per year.

Your applications will be submitted before the last working day of the year, as soon as the date has been announced.

We can also help you train for your interview if you’re not confident in you Thai language skills.