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Thailand is a place where many would love to live in, and of course if you’re not a retiree foreigner who want to spend their retirement here, Thai Work Permit Visa or Employment Visa is one of the most popular choice for people. Contact us today to obtain your work permit in Thailand.

With Thai Work Visa and a Work Permit, you’ll able to stay long term and generate income inside Thailand. Normally, the company who decide to hire you should be the one who help you get your working visa. Sadly, in real life, many Thai companies are not feel responsible for their foreign employees to do so.

Do not fear, we’ll help you through the process. Moving into a new country is a hard experience already, why you should being stressful if you will or will not able to live and work in Thailand legally?

Also if you’re the company who wish to hire foreign employees but afraid of troubles or your HR department has no experience about the subject before, we offers our service as well. Let your employees see that you care and make a good first impression!

Are a Business Visa and a Work Visa the same thing?

A work visa, or Non-Immigrant type “B” (Employment purpose) visa is a subset of business visas.

This page, we’ll focus on people who seek employment in Thailand and on a work permit and employment visa subjects. You can visit our business visa page as well if you are interested in more info related to Non-Immigrant business visa.

The business visa page is providing information for people who want to invest and start a company in Thailand as well as employment.

Are a work permit and a work visa the same thing?

The answer is not the same thing. However, a foreign person need both if you want to live in Thailand with being employment legally.

What is a Work Permit?

A work permit is a document allowing any foreigner to generate income in Thailand e.g. being employed, being a freelance or operate a business. Any non-thai citizen will need a work permit to be able to work legally. If you work without a work permit, you may get arrested.

How hard to get a work permit?

In case of being employed, the success rate of getting a work permit normally depend on registered capitalization of a company that hiring you.

Thai business companies that want to hire foreign employees must have two million THB fully paid-up registered capitalization or one million THB fully paid-up registered capitalization if the foreign employee has a thai spouse.

For foreign business companies operating in Thailand, the company need to bring at least three million THB into Thailand in order to hire one foreign employee. Six million bath for two foreign employees and so on.

Noted : Normally, the companies would able to apply only 10 work permits maximum for their foreign employees. However, some companies that was promoted by Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) are an exception from the rules.

If you wish to apply for a work permit in Thailand, you must be a non-immigrant visa holder already. Otherwise, you can apply for a work permit and a work visa (NON-B visa) outside Thailand.

Our services will help you no matter you want to apply for a work permit both oversea and inside Thailand. We can also help you upgrading your tourist visa to a non-immigrant visa inside Thailand.

How to get a Work Permit?

First, you need to obtain your WP.3 document in order to apply for a Thai Work Visa. Your company or employer should have this when they apply for your work permit in advance at Department of Employment.

When you have your WP.3 document then you can apply for your working visa at Thai Embassies/Consulates.

After you obtain 90-day Non-Immigrant visa, you will able to apply for temporary work permit at Department of Employment.

Then when you extend your Non-immigrant visa up to 1 year, you’ll able to apply for extension of work permit.

What document is required for applying a work permit?

Your private documents:

1.) Copies of your passport, every pages and mist be signed all.

2.) Your non-immigrant visa

3.) Copy of education degree (If you have)

4.) Copy of transcript (If you have)

5.) Copies of Certificates/licenses (If you have)

6.) Your CV or resume

7.) Depearture Card TM.6

8.) 3 Photos (Size: 5 x 6 cm. / Must wearing bussiness attire in the photos)

9.) If you married a Thai-citizen:

9.1 Marriage Certificate

9.2 Photos about your household with your thai spouse.

9.3 Your thai spouse’s ID card

9.4 Your thai spouse’s Birth certificates of children

9.5 Your thai spouse’s Household registration

Noted : Copies of your education degree, transcript, certificates or license may have to be certified by your home country’s embassy. Your embassy may require you translate the documents into Thai language first before they can declare they are valid documents.

Corporate documents:

1.) Company’s VAT Certidicate or Phor Phor 20

2.) Company’s VAT filling or Phor Phor 30

3.) Company’s withholding tax or Phor Ngor Dor 1

4.) Company’s Social Security Payment filing

5.) Commercial Registration Department Certificate

6.) Company’s shareholders list certified by the Comercial Registration Department

What to do after i get my work permit?

Once a Thai Work Permit has been issued, a foreign national is needed to get a Tax Identification Card. You can ask your employer or your HR department to do it for you.

What if I change my job/position?

Changes in employment such as change in position or workplace, are required to report within 15 days by your employer.

What to do if I am laid off or quit my job?

If you are laid off or quit your job, you must report and return your work permit to the Labour Department within 10 days or you may get fined 1,000 THB.

How long you can stay in Thailand with a work visa?

90 days up to 1 year.

You can renew your work visa every year as long as you’re still working in Thailand legally.

Remember to renew your work permit after renewing your non-immigrant visa as well.

Can my family members live in Thailand with me, if I obtain my work visa?

Yes, but limited only for 1 year.

Your family members aka your spouse, parents or children under age 20 can apply for a Non-Immigrant Visa type O if you’re working in Thailand legally. However, it’s a short term solution because they can only stay up to 1 year.

For long term solution, they have to obtain their own Thai visas.

What I need to know before apply for a work visa?

If you are outside Thailand, you have to secure a job offer from Thai company first before applying for your work visa.

Normally, you will not able to apply for a work visa inside Thailand except you’re a Thai visa holder already and the job offer comes from a big company.

Noted: This work visa cannot apply inside Kingdom of Thailand. If you’re staying in Thailand right now, we’re advise you to go Laos to apply for Thailand Business Visa. There’s a exception however if you are already a holder of a Thai visa such as Tourist, Education or Retirement Visa, you can change or upgrade your visa to Business visa inside The country without having to leave Thailand but this will cost you an extra fee and only if the company that hire you is big enough and pay a certain amount of taxes.