Thailand Volunteer Visa Agency Service Agent

There’re so many Visas that can help you stay in Thailand and the volunteer visa is one of the options. Officially, it is in the category of Non-Immigrant Visa Type “O”. The holder of a volunteering visa will be able to stay up to 1-year with multiple entries which is also renewable for next year. 

This is a better alternative to the Non-ED visa, in which you don’t have to fear that some Immagation officers will come to your school and ask you to demonstrate your skills. Plus, it’s a full year visa not just 6 months around the same price range. This volunteer visa is suitable to a Digital Nomad working on their own project and a semi/early retiree the best.

Good plus of 90 Days Volunteer Visa &1 Year Volunteer Visa

+ Have a work permit and can work legally (only as a volunteer) 

+ Renewable inside country

+ Able to get your spouse a Non-o visa (following family) 

+ No need to waiting for hours at Immigration every 90 days

+ No need to do visa run to stay in Thailand

+ Able to open a Bank account (since you have work permit)

+ Able to get a Thai credit card

+ Able to purchase and sell vehicles

+ Able to get a Thai driving license

+ Get Thai Social Security system – health care 

+ Easier to get services such as mobile phone, internet etc.

+ Easier to send money out of country 

+ Peace of mind – no more Immigration problems

Volunteering in Thailand can be a very wealthy and fulfilling experience. It not only allows you to stay in Thailand but to learn more about the country and help Thailand to be better. As a third world country, Thailand still lacks many supports for those who need it. We’d love to help people with kind hearts to stay in this country and make a change. 

You get to stay in Thailand in peace and you can give something back to Thailand! What a perfect deal.

How to get a Non-immigrant-O (Volunteer)

In order for applicants to get a volunteer visa, you must volunteer in either a registered non-profit organization or public charitable organization that is happy to help you apply for the visa (same process as Non-ED). If you want to apply to this type of visa but have no idea what organization you want to volunteer with yet, we can suggest and provide you options.

What documents do you need from a non-profit organization?

In order to receive a legitimate visa and work permit, there is documentation needed to validate the application for the purpose of volunteering. The following documents are what required from the organization which need to be provided:

  1. Recommendation letter addressed to the Consulate
  2. Sponsor letter which must be registered in Thailand.
  3. Non-profit Organization Registration Information
  4. The organization’s location map
  5. List of shareholders and board of directors
  6. Volunteer’s operation description
  7. Balance sheet

What service do we provide if you decide this is a visa for you:

  1. We contract and co-organize all the documents needed with the organization for you.
  2. If you don’t have an organization in mind yet, we can find one that suits your interests and looks for a helping hand.
  3. Preparing and Submitting all of the Documents needed
  4. Processing of the Work Permit Documents
  5. Acquiring the Visa and the Work Permit for/with you at the responsible immigration office
  6. Document preparation for expanding your visa every 3 month

What you still have to do:

1.) Visit Immigration to process the Visa Application/Extension (We will be with you and provide all the documents required)

2.) 90 Day reporting

3.) Living around or returning to the Organization’s location for Immigration visits and volunteer works.  

Application procedure:

  1. If not done by yourself we will search potential NGO’s for you will need your help
  2. Contract the organization you wish to volunteer for.
  3. Fill and send the organization’s volunteer application, then after getting necessary security checked and the application is accepted, please give us the following documents:
  4. your passport, 2 photos size 6 x 4 cm, 12 photos 3.5 x 4.5 cm, and 3 Work Permit Photos 3 x 4 cm. (The work permit photos require a white background and with real photographic paper, not low quality from printers.) 
  5. We will then organize your documents and send your Visa and Work Permit Applications out for processing.  
  6. Get your 90 day volunteer visa after all the processing is finished. (No need to do visa run as you might get the answer from other agencies, with us, everything will be done inside Thailand)
  7. After that you will be required to go to the Ministry of Employment to receive a letter granting the right to extend your 90 day volunteer to 1 year volunteer visa.
  8. We will help you extend your visa for 12-18 months
  9. Done! now you will have your non-o 1 year visa and the work permit renewable for next years (Able to renew inside Thailand as well, of course)

Do you need to work as a volunteer?

You register for a volunteer, and are thus expected to carry out voluntary service. The organization needs to give evidence that you are a volunteer worker every 90 days. The Visa will be revoked if you do not contribute your efforts.

How long you can stay with a volunteer visa

Tourists who come with a volunteer visa will be given a right to stay in Thailand for a duration of not more than 90 days but can request to extend their stay at the Office of the Immigration Bureau up to 1 year from the date they enter Thailand.

Can you work while holding a volunteer visa?

While in order to be a volunteer in Thailand you need to obtain a work permit in process too, but it doesn’t mean you can work in a paid job. You can only work as a volunteer only.

Please note: 

Additional certificates (e.g. police clearances, evidence of funds, ID card, and/or other documentation) are requested for residents of the following nations. Yet the visa may still not be granted even with such documentation given. 

  • China
  • India
  • Pakistan

Other nations may apply as list changes

The following nations cannot apply for a volunteer work permit.

  • Ghana
  • Kenya
  • Nigeria
  • South Africa

Other nations may apply as list changes